East Side Baptist Church strives to follow Jesus Christ together in Christian love with the help of the Holy Spirit and be equipped for the advancement of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We watch over one another in brotherly love and remember one another in prayer. The church strives to help one another in sickness and distress. East Side Baptist Church defends the fundamental Christian teachings from the Word of God (the Bible) and practices Biblical separation. We also believe and practice the Biblical Baptist teachings of the local church. The church is congregational in its government under the leadership of the Spirit of God and independent from the authority of any religious organization or fellowship of churches.

Our History

East Side Baptist began as a mission work of the Southern Baptist Convention under the leadership of Reverend Lester Jenkins. In 1953, a basement was dug on Marlou Street for East Side Baptist Mission. In 1954, the church building was completed. In 1976, the plans were approved by the church to build a new church building on the property, and it was completed before Homecoming Sunday on August 13, 1978.

A parsonage for the church's current and future pastors and their families was constructed at 310 Eastside Drive from 1958-60 by church member Roy Bowlin. Later on, God provided the funds to add on to the parsonage in 1973, and the work was completed in 1974.

God also provided the funds to build an education building, and it was completed in 1971. Later on, the church was able to add on to the building in 1976.  This building is used for Bible classes, children's ministries, and administrative offices.

Pastor Charles Cook was the pastor of East Side Baptist Church from 1970-1988. Under his ministry, the church decided to become an independent Baptist church, and it also began supporting individual missionaries as the Lord provided the funds. Today, the church supports almost forty different missionaries or gospel ministries.

In the early 1990s under the leadership of Reverend Keith and Linda Miller, the church body purchased and remodeled a three-bedroom brick home adjacent to the church property to serve as a mission home. This home has provided a fully furnished comfortable abode for missionaries to rest and prepare for their ministries in all corners of the globe. The connections in friendship and love between the mission families God has sent our way and our church family continue to provide a love for missions that only comes from direct involvement with God's servants.

Jon Acker


    Pastor Jon Acker is originally from Anderson, SC. He was saved by Jesus Christ when he was sixteen years of age. Later, the Lord called him to preach the Gospel and pastor when he was in college. By the time Pastor Acker's formal training was complete, he received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Bible.  Crystal, his wife, also received her Bachelor degree in Women's Ministries. 

    Pastor Jon and Crystal were married on November 20, 2006. The Ackers have four children (three boys and one girl).  For twelve years, Jon served the Lord in pastoral ministry in Colorado. He was ordained by the Arvada Baptist Church. His first pastorate was at the First Baptist Church of Akron from 2015-2021.  

    In January of 2021, Pastor Acker was led by the Lord and called to be the next pastor of the East Side Baptist Church in Statesville, NC.  He and his family moved to North Carolina in March.